YLPSS 2018-2019 F2 Unit 6 Vocabulary

ID# 1360

He has greasy【油溜溜的】 skin. He has to use facial cleansers products to wash his face to avoid【避免】 having pimples【暗瘡】.


I have an allergy【過敏】 to most cosmetic【化妝品】 products, so I need to follow a morning and night skincare【皮膚護理】 routine【流程】 and I never put on makeup.


I never spend money on high-end【高端】 brands because it is all too easy to be a fashion victim【時尚受害者】 when you decide to follow the latest trends【最新趨勢】.


If your hair is dull and lifeless【沉悶無生氣】, you will need to use this hair treatment【護理】 to make your hair look thick and glossy【厚實有光澤】.


My friends compliment【讚揚】 on my new haircut. They said that I looked great in wavy【波浪狀的】 hair.


I need to go to the salon to beautify【美化】 myself before attending【出席】 the wedding banquet【婚宴】 of my best friend.


You look very stylish【時尚】 in this outfit【服裝】. Perhaps you can put on these accessories【飾品】 like earrings or necklace to enhance【提高】 your look.


A lot of people get trapped【陷入困境】 in a vicious cycle【惡性循環】 of dieting and weight gain. Having a balanced diet【均衡飲食】 and regular exercise【經常運動】 is the best way to keep fit.


Teenagers suffer from【患有】 acnes【粉刺】 inevitably【無可避免】 because of changes in hormones【 荷爾蒙】. They usually return to normal after teenager years.


I have an impression【印象】 that he is a disciplined【守紀律的】 student who would follow all the school rules strictly【嚴格地】. He is the role model【榜樣】 in our class.