YLPSS 2018-2019 F2 Unit 7 Vocabulary

ID# 2406

Organising fundraising【組織籌款】 activities such as walkathons【步行馬拉松】, fun fairs【同樂日】 and charity sales【慈善義賣】 is a typical way【典型的方式】 of raising money【籌集資金】 for a good cause.


In face of the problem of an ageing population【人口老齡化】, the Hong Kong government needs to spend more on improving its healthcare system【醫療系統】.


We all deserve【值得】 to be loved and cared. There is something in everybody that others can appreciate【欣賞】.


The magician lost his legs in a car accident, but this physical disability【身體殘疾】 has never stopped him from being an active【活躍】 volunteer【義工】. He always spends time with the elderly【老人】 and performs【表演】 magic tricks to cheer them up.


Female actresses such as Emma Watson have been working on campaigns【活動】 to raise awareness【提高意識】 of the public on the issue【問題】 of gender equality【性別平等】. They believe that women and men should be treated【對待】 equally.


If the unemployment rate【失業率】 of a country is high, a lot of people go jobless【失業】. This can cause【引起】 a lot of social problems【社會問題】, such as drug addiction【吸毒成癮】 and domestic violence【家庭暴力】.


TWGHs is a charity which aims【目的是】 to tackle【解決】 the problem of poverty【貧窮】 by raising money【籌集資金】 for the poor.


A billionaire【億萬富翁】 has agreed to give a large sum of money to organisation【機構】. The donation【捐款】 will be used to improve facilities【設備】 for the disabled【殘障人士】, such as installing【安裝】 lifts and accessible toilets【無障礙廁所】.


The illiteracy【文盲】 rate【率】 in China has dropped【下降】 drastically【大幅地】. A lot of people has received【接受】 education and know how to read and write.


Some organisations【機構】 have established【建立】 care centres【護理中心】 for victims【受害者】 of child abuse【虐待兒童】. Children suffering from【受...之苦】 physical abuse【身體虐待】 or psychological abuse【心理虐待】 can stay there.


People having alcohol addiction【酗酒】 cannot control【控制】 themselves from consuming【飲用】 alcoholic beverages【含酒精的飲料】.